• Sheet Form: The holograms are supplied in sheet form suitable for manual application. Each Sheet is serially numbered for proper accountability of the holograms. There is no gap required between two hologram for square hologram with sharp edge corners, but a gap of 3 mm is required for circular and rounded corner holograms.

Recommended for: Brand Protection, Document Protection, Brand Promotion, Aesthetic look etc.

  • Spool Form: The holograms are supplied in spool form with a gap of minimum 2.5-3 mm between two holograms. These holograms can be applied both manually and automatically using automatic dispensing machine.

Recommended for: Brand Protection, Document Protection, Brand Promotion, Aesthetic look, High Volume Product, suitable for line induction etc.

Holographic Strip

The impression/ images of the hologram are embossed on lacquered (tamper evident coating), mettalized polyester film and then a special heat activated adhesive coating is provided in the foil which enables the user to laminate the holographic strip to the substrate using an attachment in the customer's existing lamination machine or using an automatic lamination machine.

Recommended for: Brand Protection, continuous Affixation etc.

Holographic Hot Stamping Foil

The impression/images of the hologram are embossed on lacquered, mattalized polyester film and then a special hot melt coating is provided in the foil which enables the user to transfer the holographic image to the substrate using hot stamping machine. We can provide both registered and unregistered image in form of Hot Stamping Foil. The supply of these type of holograms are made in spool form.

Recommended for: Documents, Cards, Tax Labels etc.

Holographic Wads

The holographic image is laminated with Aluminum foil and later coated with wax and LDPE for making hologram induction sealing wads. The hologram induction sealing wads can be used like normal wads, but provide that extra security.

Recommended for: Containers, Bottles etc.

Holographic Pouch

Holographic pouch is a combination of flexible printing technology with optical (Hologram) technology. The general polyster film used in flexible packaging is substituted by holographic film. Highest level of optical security features can be combined with printing technology to provide a highly secured pouch further enhancing its aesthetic looks.

Recommended for: Any product which has pouchy application etc.

Holographic Labels

Holographic labels can provide both aesthetic looks and security in a single label. Holostik can provide very cost effective solutions to easily allow users to incorporate a variety of information and security features (UV ink, magnetic inks, inkjet numbering etc) in the holographic label.

Recommended for: For all kinds of Label Application etc.

Holographic Scratch

To protect scratch off plastic cards, telephone cards, lottery cards etc.) From counterfeiting, Holostik India Limited has developed new Holographic Scratch off foils. These holographic foils gather the characteristics of the conventional scratch off foils.

  • Easy and clean scratch of high opacity.

  • Authentication thanks to the holographic image.

  • Multiple security features available with the originations.

  • Protection against alteration thanks to the substrates used which are destroyed in case any removal attempt

Recommended for: Telephone cards, pre-paid cards, promotion coupons etc.

Holographic Board

The holographic impressions / images are transferred on the paper board which can be widely used in various packaging applications. Holographic board can also have various levels of optical security features and supports all kind of printing.

Recommended for: Box packaging etc.

Holographic Aluminum Foil

The holographic impressions are transferred on aluminum foil which can be widely used specially in pharma packaging. The existing aluminum foil is replaced by holographic aluminum foil and can be overprinted as the customer requirement. Holographic Aluminum foil provides extra level of security because of presence of optical security features.

Recommended for: Pharma packaging, Tag Foil (to cover the opening of the containers like milk powder) etc.

Holographic Transparent Laminate

Holographic transparent laminates to protect identity documents against the thread of counterfeit and forgery. Mainly used to protect identification document, matriculation certificates, permits, etc.

Recommended for: Identification document, matriculation certificates, permits etc.

Holographic Breakable Vinyl

Holographic Breakable Vinyl is a specialized temper evident paper label which is 100% self destructive in nature. This label contains fibers, so it cannot be removed from the original surface by any means.

Holographic Breakable Vinyl can also combine both optical & printing technology thereby giving highly secured product.

Recommended for: Jewellery, Sports goods label etc.

Holographic Wide Web Film

Holographic wide web film (upto 40 inches) is intended for packaging industry. We can supply holographic wide web film in both PET (minimum thickness 12 microns) and BOPP (minimum thickness 19 microns).

Recommended for: Flexible packaging, gift wrapping etc.

Shrink Sleeves with Holography

Holographic shrink sleeves are a reliable security solution to protect branded drinks against counterfeit and refilling. Our sleeves incorporate a tamper-evident holographic stripe safely attached to the inside of the sleeve. The stripe is “reverse originated” with our proprietary electron beam technology.

Recommended for: Bottle packaging, containers etc.